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Fresenius Kabi Ltd has approved the contents of this website according to its internal procedures and in line with the Irish Pharmaceutical Healthcare Association (IPHA) Code of Practice, where applicable. The Healthcare Professionals pages are password-protected which prohibits direct supply of product information by companies to patients or their families. Product information can only be accessed by Healthcare Professionals. In the case of medicinal products, Summaries of Product Characteristics are those most recently produced in accordance with the Marketing Authority and/or Product Authorisation for each product, as approved by the Health Products Regulatory Authority (HPRA) in Ireland where applicable. The information within may not be applicable to countries outside of Ireland, nor may products marketed in Ireland necessarily be available in other countries. These web pages do not constitute promotion of these products, services and therapies for these countries. The services described may only be available to Fresenius Kabi customers in Ireland; however, description of any service within this site does not guarantee availability to all Irish customers – certain services may only be available on a limited basis.

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We have compiled and checked this website and the information within is intended to be fully accurate.  Any incorrect data should be reported as soon as possible to Fresenius Kabi Ltd in order that it may be corrected. The website is constantly being expanded and updated. Nevertheless, we cannot accept any liability for the correctness and completeness so long as their absence shall not be attributable to wilful or grossly negligent action. We shall not be liable for the contents of the websites of third party providers to which we shall link up or otherwise provide you with access. The hyperlinks listed in our websites shall not constitute a recommendation. The items of information held available thereunder have neither been checked by us nor do we adopt these items of information. We shall be liable for third party contents which are held ready by us on our own computers only in so far as we shall know these contents. This shall not be the same as negligent ignorance. The liability shall be limited to technically possible and reasonable actions.

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The information offered on the web pages is intended to serve for the purpose of general information about our company.  It shall not be a substitute for business, medical or other professional advice. In so far as economic information, such as forecasts on the development of business, appraisals, etc., are included on the web pages, these are based on well-founded assumptions, but may possibly, however, deviate from actual developments and results. We shall not accept any liability for the use of information, in particular not for the attainment in this way of the purposes being pursued by you. Any liability for unforeseeable damage and consequential damage shall be ruled out.

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